Why waste time starting that gas motor when the Sun Horse is ready to go with a switch and a pedal. Whether you are working in the garden or on the yard you can enjoy the sounds that nature sings while you  work the land.

The Sun Horse can work for hours  on a full charge whether it be from  the on board  200Watt  Solar panel or from any 110 V A.C. outlet. It can even supply 2500 watts of 110V A. C. from the tractor at any location powering all your portable corded power tools, even a table saw or water pump up to 3HP, and yes, even a small home!

Toolbox  under seat                            

Three point hitch with Power-take-off PTO

Can accomodate mid section Implements

Adjustable seat and beverage holder.

Bin for Power Tools

All Controls at Operators Reach

Motor Speed Control and Off Switch

Solar Panel mounted in Canopy

2500W Outlets for A.C. Power Tools

Ampmeter tracks Solar Charging

Battery Status Meter

A.C. Charging Input  Jack

List of Basic Features

List of Options

8 HP electric motor ( equivalent to 12HP gas)  /  Hydrostatic Drive / Agricultural tires 

LED lighting system includes front beams and rear red lights and 2 attachment viewing beams.

Category One Three Point Hitch with power-take-off (PTO) / Roll bar / Adjustable seat

Parking brakes / On board charger with battery status indicator / Tool box under seat

On board solar panel / 2500W inverter

Tool bin behind seat/300W Stereo System

Mid frame tool hitch /Mid section PTO

Rear towing hitch / Front-end loader*

*Available in 2013